Decorative Rocks and Artificial Turf in Edmonton

Decorative Rocks and Artificial Turf in Edmonton

We install artificial turf and decorative rocks in Edmonton!

Park Topsoil does final grading and installs decorative rocks and artificial turf in Edmonton! If you need artificial turf or rocks for your landscape design, contact Park Topsoil today! We can work quickly and efficiently to complete your landscaping project!
We did final grading for this client in Edmonton. If you need final grading or topsoil in Edmonton, call today! Our services and results are what set us apart from other landscaping companies in Edmonton! We can guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our work!

Decorative Rock and Artificial Turf Installation

Where: Edmonton AB, T6R 0P6
When: Beginning of July

Our customer wanted us to landscape his whole house from front to back there with Edmonton sod, artificial turf, fencing, extravagant 2″ inch limestone decorative rock, and final grading within a given time frame. This was a large job to be done and we approached it with confidence that we could complete it!

Rock and Turf Installation

We had preparations beforehand and meetings about what specific needs the homeowner had to meet his landscape requirements. We then delegated a job to two of the head foreman at Park Landscaping. Next, we delivered screened topsoil/road crush and dropped it in the backyard and front yard for the foreman to spread with the skidsteer. Our chief fencer then ordered the materials through the office. This order was processed in one day. We then grabbed rocks and edging from Whitemud Garden Center and dropped it in the spots recommended by our foreman. Lastly. we grabbed the patio stones from Burnco and laid it on top of the road crush base. The artificial turf was also installed at this point

This job was done using everything from a loader to a bobcat. Tandems were used to haul material there and away. We used tampers to make the road crush base, trucks to transport minimal materials, supplies and crew members, calls between estimator, foreman, truck dispatcher. A lot of communication was needed for this project. This job took about four weeks. We had to wait a week and a half for the city to come in and approve the final grading before we could move on.

Results of this Job

This job turned out splendid! The foreman enjoyed talking and working with the client. This client referred us to their neighbor, where we also did a landscaping project! If it wasn’t for the client’s recommendation to their neighbor, we wouldn’t have gotten his neighbors project. The whole job was very positive from the day we met at the office, we shook hands and had a very optimistic conversation. And at the end, he dealt with Eli and Mike and had nothing but good words. This client sent an extremely positive email to our estimator.

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