What is Peat Moss?

What is Peat Moss?

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Park Topsoil provides peat moss in Edmonton and the surrounding locations! If you’re wondering what peat moss is, read this article! If peat moss is what you need for your landscaping project, call us and we can provide it for you! We have Canadian Sphagnum peat moss which is great for growing!

We provide many different services for our clients in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our last post was about artificial turf installation. If you need final grading or topsoil in Edmonton, call Park Topsoil today!

What is Canadian Peat Moss?

Canadian peat moss is decomposed remains of sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss mostly grows in the northern hemisphere. This plant has a main stem with different types of branches. There is a compact cluster of young branches at the top and leaves lining the stem. These leaves have 2 different types of cells, chlorophyllose cells, and hyaline cells. Chlorophyllose cells are alive, small, and green. Hyaline cells are clear, structural, and dead. The dead cells are the ones that have an extremely large water-holding capacity.

Why Should I Use Peat Moss?

This moss has a rich nutrient base which helps the fast growth of plants and crops. Peat moss is very popular among gardeners because it has an incredible ability to retain water. Peat moss can hold up to 20x it’s weight in water! Peat moss has a wide range of uses. These include flower bed preparation, planting, and blending for green mixes.

Difference Between Potting Soil and Peat Moss

Potting soil is based from soil with other ingredients added. Other ingredients include fertilizer, wetting agents, and other things that increase soil porosity. Potting soil is stable and able to support large plants. As you know, peat moss is derived from Sphagnum moss plants. The texture is light and airy. It acts as a sponge because it retains water so well. Peat moss is often added to soil to help it hold moisture better. If you’re preparing to get sod in Edmonton, you should mix peat moss with your soil in order to enrich it and allow the sod to grow better.

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