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Topsoil in Edmonton

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Park Topsoil provides topsoil products for residents of Edmonton and for commercial clients located in Edmonton and surrounding cities. Our company works hard to provide our clients with the correct types, volumes, and the kind of high-quality soil people need and deserve.

Park Topsoil supplies different types of soil products including garden mixes, screened topsoil, peat moss, manure, and sand. The high quality of our soil products makes Park Topsoil the number one company for topsoil in Edmonton. We also provide sod in Edmonton, so if you’re looking for sod, call us today!

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*The below information is of a project that we are currently doing (as of 6/27/2013).

The Customer (Traine Construction) wanted us to plant a variety of trees and shrubs at their site all around the building to be able to present a strong company image for their clients. They also wanted the trees and shrubs so they could indirectly boost company morale as their workers would walk in. The life that plants can bring to an environment can really improve people’s attitudes and morale. We have already done the final grading for this Traine Construction project, so we took on the next portion which was planting trees and shrubs.

Using Garden Mix for Planting Trees

Park Topsoil provided a premium garden mix to help plant the trees. In return, this garden mix will provide the trees with many nutrients to help them flourish. This job was done using skidsteers to help dig holes in the specified areas and plans. We then went around planting the trees by hand and using hand shovels to put garden mix in the hole to provide the nutrients. The garden mix we use not only improves the soil for stronger roots, it provides nutrients and promotes better growth.

Generally, we only use topsoil to use for planting trees, but we decided to use something new for our clients. We decided that garden mix surrounding the base of the trees in the ground will really promote growth and improve nourishment. The premium garden mix we use has a 1-1-1-1 ratio of topsoil, sand, peat moss, and manure/compost. This mixture provides a nutrient-rich environment for the plants to grow and prosper. With regular watering, the trees should flourish in no time.

Results of this Topsoil project in Edmonton

As of today, this job is still in progress. There have been a few minor setbacks due to the rain we have received in the past few weeks. We have two foremen on site by the name of Dave and Benjamin. Dave is our most senior foreman has planted plenty of trees along with Benjamin. These workers have expert knowledge when it comes to planting trees and shrubs, so you can trust us to do the best work on your home or commercial project.

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