Traine Construction Topsoil Project- Edmonton

Traine Construction Topsoil Project- Edmonton

On May 15th, Park Topsoil began a job for Traine Construction. Park Landscaping and Park Topsoil originally began with residential jobs. For eight seasons, Park Landscaping Ltd. has been servicing Edmonton and the surrounding cities. This is a monumental job because Park Landscaping is planning to expand into the commercial field. This job with Traine Construction marks one of the commercial jobs of the year.

Starting this Topsoil Project in Edmonton

Traine Construction called requesting a number of different services from Park Landscaping. They wanted topsoil and mulch to be spread as well as trees, sod, and shrubs to be planted. This is a full landscaping job that requires many different areas of expertise. We created an action plan to get everything in order. Our plan was to have fast and effective workers at this site. We put our longest working employee at the site to guide and manage our crew members. We had tandem trucks and tri-dumps deliver the large amounts of topsoil to the site before the foreman arrived. We did this so the foreman could have the resources ready for when he came.

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All of our employees work fast and effectively. We pride ourselves in how well our staff performs on site. We can rely on our employees to do the job well and correctly the first time! Each employee we select is well seasoned in their duties. This ensures that our customers receive top quality service.

Continuing this Topsoil Project

We used bobcats, tandem trucks, and crew members to spread the topsoil. There was a small issue regarding the thickness of the topsoil, but we were able to work through this setback. Now the job is still in progress and the completed sections look great! Complications rarely arise, but when they do, we are prepared to handle them. Our mission is to provide only the best service for our clients. We are not satisfied until our customers are 100% happy with our work!

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