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Lot grading is required for all residential sites in Strathcona County. All residentially zoned sites must conform to approved surface drainage plans. So what does all this mean? Read this article and you will learn more about lot grading. Park Topsoil takes care of final grading for residential lots and commercial companies alike!

Call Park Topsoil if you’re in need of grading for your home or commercial lot. We provide topsoil installation for new and existing homes. We also offer expert final grade services, all of which are guaranteed to pass the city drainage bylaws. Also, if you need sod installed in Edmonton, we are the company for you!

What is the purpose of lot grading?

  • To minimize the amount of surface run-off that enters the sanitary sewage system.
  • To control surface draining discharge points and rate of flow entering the public roads and storm sewer system
  • To ensure surface draining away from structures

Rough Grading by the Contractor

Rough Grading is the responsibility of the contractor. Once the grading is completed, the rough grade certificate is prepared and certified then submitted to the county for approval. If there are any deficiencies, a re-inspection must be scheduled. The homeowner does not need to worry about the first stage of rough grading. When it comes time to landscape the lot, however, the homeowner then takes full responsibility.

Final Grading by the Homeowner

Once the topsoil is placed and the grading is completed, the homeowner needs to contact an accredited Alberta Land Surveyor to provide an as-built survey (or final lot grading certificate). Once the grading passes inspection, the grading certificate is sent to the homeowner and then the homeowner is able to proceed with landscaping the property.

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