We Sell Big Bulk Bags!

We Sell Big Bulk Bags!

We are excited to reintroduce a new line of bulk bags at Park Topsoil called the BLUE CUBE™! These bulk bags are brought to you by Manderley Sod. These bulk bags come in a water-proof packaging that holds up to 1 cubic yard of product (325 square feet and 1 inch of depth). To order, give us a call at our office at 780-465-2725, alternatively, you can order online here at our website!


*NOTICE: For ordering, please give us a 7 Days notice to ensure delivery.

Types of Big Bulk Bags?

Nature Blend

A great mix that is consisted of black peat moss and 10-30% compost mix! This is perfect for raising your soil’s nutrients and water retention properties. If you feel like your soil needs a dose of life, this would be the big bulk bag to buy!

Black Garden Soil

This big bulk bag contains everything the nature blends have, as well as an added 20-30% screened loam. An essential mix for any garden, this is a must-have for those that want to redo or start a new garden without having to mix the compost and peat moss into their existing soil. Lastly, this mix will help provide the nutrition and retention of water for crops or plants to grow healthy and fresh!

Screened Loam

Natural black dirt that has been run through a screener for a fine, non-clumped topsoil. The foundation for all gardening and landscaping beginnings, this screened topsoil has been screened from all natural debris but does not guarantee a weed-free environment. Useful for leveling purposes such as a final grade or for sod installations!

Compost Mix or Black Peat Moss

Two essential ingredients that will change your soil’s state of health exponentially! The compost mix is made up of organic materials that is excellent for supplying your soil with numerous nutrients and minerals, raising the overall grade of the soil. Black peat moss is well known for its water retaining properties making it an ideal ingredient to be used in mixes. By mixing both these ingredients into your existing soil, you will have a garden mix ready for crops or general planting!

Mulches and Fir Nuggets

If you’re looking to increase your overall aesthetics of any landscaping project, look no further, as mulch is the quintessential piece to improving the appearance of any project. The purpose of mulch or fir nuggets isn’t to just increase the aesthetics, but to improve the moisture retention of your garden, to reduce weed growth, and to improve overall soil efficiency. We offer a plethora of different types of mulches, ranging from colored mulches (red or black) and types of mulch (cedar, pine, fir nuggets (small and medium))!

Rock Products

Mulch isn’t the only product that can drastically improve the aesthetics of any landscaping project. Adding certain rocks can improve overall appearance, but also functionality as well. We carry a variety of rock products from the smallest gravel bits, such as pea gravel or road crush, to large slates of stone and material. The larger rock products we stock range from limestone (3/4″ and 1.5″), washed rock (3/4″ and 1.5″), river rock (2″ to 3″), to rundle rock (1.25″).

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