Types of Grass Edmonton

Types of Grass Edmonton

Here at Park Topsoil, we sell and install sod! If you’re looking to get sod in Edmonton, call us today! In this article, we’re going to talk about the different types of grass that you could get for your lawn. We’ll include the desirable qualities of each type of sod so you’ll know what will work best for you. Please note that this post is for educational purposes only, we do not stock all these sod types in our inventory. If you’re interested in our sod, you can purchase here online at our website!


Zoysia grass grows slowly, so you don’t have to mow the lawn as often if you get this type of grass. It is quite drought and shade tolerant. Zoysia grasses successfully thrive on many different types of topsoil. This is a dense growing grass so it resists weed invasions better.


This type of grass thrives in hot weather so it is referred to as “warm-season” grass. Bermuda grass grows very quickly in full sun. This fine-textured turf also grows densely and lush. If you have a lot of traffic on your lawn, you should consider using Bermuda sod because it is great for high-traffic use. Just like Zoysia sod, Bermuda grass is less subject to weed invasion.

St. Augustine

This sod grows vigorously year round in warm climates. Like Bermuda, St. Augustine grasses are the most shade tolerant of all the warm season sod. This grass has an attractive green color with broad and large blades that produce a compact sod. This sod is salt tolerant and works well in wet soils.
Tall Fescue
Tall Fescue sod is a cool-season grass. It grows the best in fall and spring. It slows down when the weather warms up in the summer. Because it is a cool-season grass, it thrives in shade! It grows well in moist soil. If you’re looking for the best year-round attractive lawn, go with Tall Fescue.


This grass is truly a “bare-foot grass.” Its texture is lush and fine, with tender blades. Because it is more tender, it needs more fertilization and water. Bluegrass is fast growing which enables it to develop a good root system. It’s roots help keep it healthy during drought. This is a very popular type of sod in Edmonton. If you want Kentucky Bluegrass on your Edmonton lawn, give us a call today!

Perennial Ryegrass

The ideal temperature for Perennial Ryegrass sod in Edmonton is around 60 degrees. Ryegrass is a bunch-type grass that is best suited for use in lawns that are exposed to full sun or moderately shaded.

And there you have it! We’ve summed up the attributes of some popular grass types. If you have any questions about the different types of sod in Edmonton, please give us a call! We have experts on hand that will be able to give you more personalized advice for sodding a yard in Edmonton. Just keep in mind you can trust Park Topsoil with all of your sod or topsoil needs.

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